Property Division

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Property Division in a Divorce Offering Skilled Legal Guidance & Personalized Communication

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We research the necessary information so that we can come prepared for mediation or in court. We seek amicable resolutions with your spouse, while still maintaining your best interests as our number one priority.


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What Is Property Division?

At first glance, dividing property may not seem complicated. However, laws concerning equitable division of property and classification of marital versus separate property can be very fact-specific. It is crucial that your family law lawyer understands the law and how it applies to your case, so that you are not taken by surprise by your spouse’s claims concerning property division.

For example, in Georgia, the courts follow “equitable division” that allows property division to be determined by the subjective ruling of a judge. At Connell & Cummings, our attorneys know how to research the property that was brought into the marriage or inherited during the marriage, versus property that is shared because it was earned during the marriage. Our skilled representation and experience has resulted in success for many our clients.

Some factors that may influence property division within your divorce include:

  • The income of both parties
  • The expenses and needs of both parties
  • The assets of both parties
  • The financial status of both parties
  • Any debt issues

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