Child Support

Helping You Make Sound Child Support Decisions

Child Support Lawyers Atlanta in GA Our Background in Accounting Can Help Your Case

We understand that you love your children and want to make sure they have the best possible future, despite the pain of the divorce. Whether that means you will do what it takes to pay them the support they need or ensure your spouse contributes, the child support lawyers at Connell & Cummings are prepared to guide you through the process.


Some factors taken into account when calculating child support include:

  • Gross-monthly income
  • The number of children who qualify
  • Family group insurance
  • The amount of time the parents spend with their child
  • The medical needs of child

Modifying Child Support Orders in Georgia

Obviously, as life changes, so do the financial needs of your child. Whether they are older, have health issues that need expensive medical care, or have grown into or out of certain expenses, child support payments can change. If you are a parent paying for child support and you are seeking to change the order amount, our experienced divorce lawyers in GA are here to help.

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Why Choose Connell & Cummings?

Most family law is all about communication and that happens to be our favorite part of the job. After what seems like countless cases in over 30 years, we have played the role of not only legal advocate, but counselor, advisor, and friend. We take pride in our ability to comprehend intricate family law and finances and explain them in a simple, straightforward manner to our clients so they know exactly how the law is applied to their case and how to make sound decisions.


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