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At Connell Cummings, our Atlanta family lawyers have almost 3 decades of experience providing legal guidance for parents confused by Georgia’s family laws. Whether you are having a baby out of wedlock, or you did in the past and are looking to establish paternity or legitimation, we have the legal experience to help you through this time.


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Paternity vs. Legitimation: What Is the Difference?

In Georgia, if you father a child out of wedlock, you may be asked to sign a Paternity Acknowledgement form as a declaration of paternity either at the time of the birth or shortly afterwards. Acknowledging paternity does not necessarily give you rights, such as the ability to make legal decisions on their behalf and other privileges. Instead, it simply makes you legally responsible for paying child support.

Legitimation, on the other hand, does provide you with legal rights as a parent of the child. This typically allows you to obtain parenting time. Legitimation can be a complicated but worthwhile legal process to pursue. Our family law attorneys in Atlanta can help you pursue legal action while educating you on any further ramifications of the process.

How Important Is Your Atlanta Family Law Attorney?

In Georgia, the mother of a child born out of wedlock is usually automatically given the sole custody of the child. If you are a mother looking for help with child support from the father or are a father seeking to establish your rights as a parent, you may want an experienced attorney to guide you through the process.

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