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At Connell Cummings, LLC, we focus exclusively on family law. Our team of practiced attorneys have worked at larger firms, but have found that in our smaller firm setting, we are able to provide a connection with our clients and their cases to litigate and resolve their family law matters.


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What is a Family Law Attorney?

Family lawyers specialize in handling cases related to family law matters whether it be through arbitration, mediation, or litigation. Most of the time this includes divorce and various issues related to divorce such as custody, support, property division, etc. Additional family law matters include adoption, marital agreements, and domestic violence.

Family Law Cases We Handle

Our attorneys offer excellent representation whether in a complex divorce case or an amicable issue that needs a rudder to steer through the process. We care deeply about offering high-quality advice and services and work hard to help clients through what is, for many of them, the most difficult thing they’ve ever been through.


We offer guidance through any of the following matters:

While no two family law cases are alike, many years of practice allows our firm to offer creative solutions to help clients be ready for the next proverbial step. Our clients also benefit from our experience in going to trial in family law cases and each new client gets the benefit of the compounded effect of having represented many clients over the years.


Get Quality Personalized Representation

Family matters involving the law issues are personal which is why we need to understand various and nuanced aspects of the law. The family, in whatever form they take after the divorce or after the litigation, continues to exist. While all cases are difficult from one perspective or another, we prepare clients with the end in mind. From the initial client meeting, our family lawyers begin shaping the final outcome based on what your goals are, what the law provides, and our experience.

Many family law cases settle prior to final trial of the matter in a courtroom. However, even when trying to settle a case outside court, it is imperative to evaluate the case as if it were going to trial, because the range of what could happen in the courtroom is the backdrop for settlement negotiations.

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Having experience is a significant benefit to our clients. Experience allows us to know how to apply the law - not just what it is. Experience allows us to strategize with our clients to meet their goals. Experience enables us to advise the client as to the most likely outcomes in court and to help the client negotiate a favorable resolution to their case.


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