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The attorneys at Connell Cummings focus entirely on family law matters. Our team has more than 30 years of experience handling all family law-related issues, including:

The divorce process is often more complicated than most people anticipate and our firm is committed to providing sensible advice on how to achieve the best outcome for our clients. We understand that using a balance of compassion and formidable representation of your rights and interests is vital to the outcome of your divorce.

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Protecting the emotional well-being of their children is the goal of all parents, but during a divorce or other family dispute, parents and relatives may find themselves in disagreement when it comes to the best interests of their children. Our family law attorneys have the experience and perspective to cut through emotional barriers and resolve even the most complex of child custody issues.

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Whether you are seeking alimony or the one who will likely be required to pay, it is important that you secure the advice of a reliable lawyer who can protect your interests. Our experienced divorce attorneys have been successful at negotiating fair alimony settlements that both spouses can support, including monthly payments for a set duration as well as lump sum payments. Our primary focus is always to ensure that the settlement supports the best interests of our client.

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When parents separate, the individual retaining primary custody of the children may be owed a certain amount of money for their care and well-being. Georgia law requires that both parents contribute to their children’s financial support and and considers each party’s income as well as the expenses parents pay on behalf of their children. We closely examine the actual costs associated with raising your child and work to develop a fair plan to ensure financial support to your child. Our extensive background in these matters has given us a great deal of insight into the way these requests are reviewed by the court and the most effective strategies for securing a positive outcome on your behalf.

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One of the most difficult issues during a divorce is the distribution of property between both spouses. Often, each individual entered the union with numerous assets and also gained additional property throughout the course of the relationship. During a divorce, protecting personal assets while reaching an equitable settlement of the marital property can be difficult.

Georgia is an “equitable division of property” state. For divorcing spouses, that means that the property they acquired during the marriage will be divided by taking a number of factors into consideration. At Connell Cummings, we are committed to helping our clients reach the best possible terms while protecting their rights to individual and joint property. Contact us today for more information.

Georgia law allows couples to enter into or create their own contract outlining financial obligations, either before or during the marriage. Though Connell Cummings specializes in high-asset marriages, we believe that every couple should consider a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement to protect property that was owned prior to the marriage. We will work directly with you to understand your unique circumstances, needs and goals. From there, we will help you reach an ideal resolution by drafting up binding documentation that reflects your needs.
Establishing paternity is extremely important in many aspects of family law. Georgia law recognizes the mother of a child born out of wedlock as the sole parental authority and requires that the child’s be legitimized before the father may obtain custody or visitation rights. Once paternity is confirmed, the court can impose a child support obligation and negotiate custody issues if necessary.

At the Connell Cummings firm, we provide comprehensive representation to parties on all sides of Georgia paternity matters. Contact our office to discuss your paternity issues with one of our attorneys.

Adoption is a beautiful way to grow your family and open your heart and home to a child or children in need. The attorneys at Connell Cummings are experienced in helping clients successfully navigate through the complex adoption process with legal security and peace of mind. There are many types of adoptions including agency, independent, step-parent, relative, international and adult adoptions, and some are more complicated than others. We are dedicated to strategizing with our clients to find and implement solutions through careful planning and consideration of all possible complications. Contact us to schedule a consultation.
A restraining or protective order is designed to prevent harm to someone in imminent danger from another person. They are often used to prevent domestic violence, child abuse, assault, threatened bodily harm, stalking, and elder abuse. Though rare, there is also the potential for false allegations where a family member is accused of something they did not do. Our firm has extensive experience pursuing and in the legal complexities surrounding all incidents of family violence. Contact us today and let us help by providing excellent legal counsel in this most difficult situation.
When faced with divorce or any serious family legal dispute, there are several options other than trying to negotiate an agreement on your own or taking the matter before a judge to decide. One of our biggest strengths at Connell Cummings is our attorneys' ability to identify the best paths to resolution for family law clients with wide-ranging needs, goals and communication styles. With excellent reputations for balance and integrity, we are often recommended and appointed as mediators for complex divorce and child custody cases.

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